Virtualization and Package Deployment with EC2

  • Speaker: Emerson Mills
  • Date: Apr 04, 2007 10:30 - 11:00
  • Where: Tsuda Hall
  • Spoken in: Japanese
  • Slides in: English
The way we build the new generation of applications and philosophy behind rapid development dictates that we reuse as much code as possible. This, of course, is great since we don't duplicate the work of our peers but it also adds a new level of complexity to the distribution of our applications. CPAN excels as a package management system but large numbers of dependancies and deep dependancy chains can lead to failures and environments which are not easily duplicated. Using virtualization services like Amazon Web Services’ EC2 you can package not only your application but your enviroment as well. Will this finally bring the "ten minute install" into reality? I'll look at what it takes to use virtualization ( In my case EC2 ) to simplify the distribution and reuse of Perl code and applications with large numbers of dependancies.


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