YAPC::Asia 2007 Tokyo

  • April 4th - 5th, 2007(9:00 to 18:00)
  • Tsuda Hall, Tokyo (Map)
  • 4000 Yen (including a conference T-shirt)

Countdown to YAPC::Asia 2007 Tokyo!

Latest News


YAPC::Asia 2008

  • by miyagawa

Just in case you come to this site by looking for YAPC::Asia 2008, here is the link.


Now it's time for Video!

  • by miyagawa

2 weeks since we made audio recordings available as a Podcast. Now it's time for Video!

All video files are available on i-revo site (as WMV streaming) and Google Video (as Flash/DivX/MP4) and actually integrated with our Sessions details page. You can find the session you'd like to watch again, or didn't attend to during the conference from the timetable and watch videos inline, using Google Video embeded flash player.

We created Videocast feed for MP4 files as well, so you can download movie files and syncronize them to mobile devices like iPod or PSP. Just drop the link to iTunes, Democracy or whatever your favorite media player.

Tons of thanks to i-revo for their great work on ripping and encoding movie files.



Audio recordings available for downloads!

  • by miyagawa

Podcast feed for the audio recordings at YAPC::Asia 2007 is now ready! Audio files are ripped and encoded as 128kbps mp3 files so they're iPod-ready out of the box. The feed also contains Creative Commons license as item metadata.

The feed is now imported on Odeo as well so you can listen to the recordings just on your favorite browsers without actually downloading the files.

Enjoy the recordings with Slides from the talks. We're currently working on the video recordings as well, which will be available on i-revo site and Google Video.

Thanks to Tsuda Hall staff and folks from i-revo for recording and ripping audio files!


How to get to the venue

  • by miyagawa

The nearest station to the venue Tsuda Hall is either JR Sendagaya station (千駄ヶ谷) or Subway Oedo-sen Kokuristu Kyogijo Station (大江戸線 国立競技場).

Oedo-sen would be handy if you come from stations like Roppongi, Shiodome or Shimbashi. JR would be useful if you're from Tokyo, Shinjuku or other JR stations.



1st day: Registration Opens 9:00 AM

  • by miyagawa

Time is flying so fast. Now it's less than one day to the conference!

On the 1st day April 4th, we'll open the venue registration on 9:00AM. The first welcome session starts on 9:30 so let's get it real quick. All you need is a ticket purchased from Lawson. If you paid via PayPal, bring the copy of the receipt online. If you pay at the venue, just say your name and pay 4500 JPY there.

See you soon!


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