Recap of YAPC::Asia 2006

  • by miyagawa

Now it's less than a month to YAPC::Asia 2007, I guess it's time to revisit the last year's excitement.

We re-imported the audio files on Odeo. It has Podcast feeds and flash based audio player so that you can listen to the session on your favorite web browser.

The video files are on and I found that recently they added a new beta flash player feature, which also allows you to watch videos without actually downloading the whole content.

Slides for the talks are available on the Wiki page.

We're working hard to make sure that we can distribute audio/video files this year as well, sometime after the conference. But note that it doesn't mean you don't need to come to the conference venue. Nothing is compared to the experience of being in the venue, talking face-to-face with folks from everywhere Japan and all over the world.


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